In The Order of Things Foucault describes language as non-place in which we can find the most different concepts placed next to each other. For many semioticians language is the foundation of culture and it is through the system of language that we can really understand a particular culture yet we can only explain it through the language itself.

In my practice I am interested in the relationship between language and culture, how this relationship forms knowledge and how tied we are to a particular cultural context. References that make sense in one culture may be misunderstood from a viewpoint of another. Texts that are well known, referenced and has formed canons in one culture may be completely unknown in another. Even though we live in seemingly multicultural environment and it often feels like our referencing systems are similar, when different cultures and languages collide being lost in translation is inescapable. Sometimes the difference is so minimal that it is easy to overlook it. Still it exists, either in untranslatable concepts within the language, knowledge of particular texts or the political and cultural history of the country.

My work represents my research interests and can be seen as a form of visual writing where the end of one sentence marks the beginning of the next thus the project is never finished, it is always work in a progress in which one idea leads to another. Having come from exclusively painting and printmaking background my practice has recently taken the form of installation. It is the medium that I find the most responsive to my ideas and due to the research focused nature of my work every installation differs from one presentation to another. My work and my research thus goes hand in hand and is always in the state of developing.